Rules of the game

If you would like to know anything else drop us a line and we will try to answer!

Where can I place a word?

Your word must touch your opponent's. All of these are valid:


You can change letters in your opponent's word - as long as it makes a valid word.


For example here your opponent had made the word BAKE.
You change it to CAKE and add a new word CAT.
You will score full points for CAT and half points for CAKE.

How does the scoring work?

The scores in Two Words depend on the value of the letter tiles used and the length of the word.
Score = the sum of the letter tiles x the length of the word.
For example BAKES:
The letter tiles = 3+1+4+1+1 = 10.
The length of the word is 5.
So the total score is 50.

You get an extra 20 points for making a 7 letter word.

You score full points for any new words you make and half points for words you change.

What do the statistics mean?

We keep stats on all the players in the game. Just tap a profile picture to see a player's stats.
Games against TheoSaurus count in your statistics.

The number of games won and number of games lost.

Games won, lost and drawn

Highest game score

Average game score

Your highest score in any game.

The average game score in all finished games. We don't count games that don't come to a proper finish, for example games where your opponent resigned.

The longest word you have made in any game.

Longest word

All the points you scored in one turn. 

Highest turn score

All points scored divided by the number of turns taken. We don't count passes.

Average turn score

The number of drawn games. If you don't have any drawn games it's not shown. They are rare!

Number of draws

Head to head stats

Head to head stats are the same as player stats except they only include games played between two people. Your highest game score might be different between different opponents.

How do I get tokens?

Each game you play costs one token.
If you challenge a player and they do not accept the challenge you will get your token back. 
If an opponent doesn't play for a while and there have been less than 10 moves in the game you'll get your token back.

You can play one free game a day with a random opponent.

Our aim is to make the game as fair as possible. if you don't think we have done that drop us a line! 

If you want more tokens head to the shop, you can pay for them or watch an ad. You'll get free tokens if you invite a friend too.

Which dictionary do you use?

Two Words uses the SOWPODS dictionary with US and UK spellings. The dictionary contains over 250,000 words of between 2 and 15 characters. If you think we are missing a word let us know!

Can I pick a user name?

After you finish your first game we give you a selection of random names to choose from. If you'd like to use your own name, just sign in with Facebook.

Can I turn off the sound & music?

Yes! Just press the 'i' button in the game and press 'Settings'. Music and sound effects can be turned on and off in there.

Where can I play the game?

Two Words is available on the Apple Appstore and Google Play store. You can also play on your Virgin Media TV - look in 'Apps & Games'.